Before we left for Rio, Dublet received this wonderful USA themed compression suit from Hidez! I also use their compression socks while he is in the stall and his legs stay nice and tight! Love them! Thank you Hidez for the suit! He has his tight pants on!

​-Kasey Perry-Glass USET Rio 2016

"I was very pleased the way black caviar travelled to England in her Hidez suit. she lost hardly any weight on her long flight from Australia which helped me train her without any alteration to my original plan." -Peter Moody

Black Caviar's Trainer...
"I find that the Hidez suit help speed up muscle repair after racing.I am amazed at the way the horses take to the suit I believe The Hidez suit will be an asset to any horse in training." - Michael Bryant

Chiropractor to Black Caviar...
"As the veterinarian for Black Caviar and accompanying her on the flight from Melbourne to the UK I was extremely impressed with the compression suit that was used on her for the trip. Throughout the flight she was very comfortable and her body temperature remained stable all the way. There was no sign of sweating and on removal of the suit at Heathrow I was delighted that her legs had no swelling at all and felt cool and tight.

I felt that the compression suit used on Black Caviar enabled her to reach the UK in peak condition and if I was flying more horses overseas I would highly recommend the use of this compression suit to give the horse the best chance of arriving in the best possible physical shape. The suit also appears to aid recovery after exercise."

Dr. Peter Angus
B.V.Sc (Hons) M.A.C.V.Sc
Melbourne Equine Veterinary Group​



Hidez Ice Compression Socks Testimonial - Trevor Dare, Xtra Quarter Horses

"We love the way the Compression Ice Socks help keep our horses' legs looking and feeling their best between workouts and competitions! The design is the best we have ever used. We strive to provide our horses with the best care and maintenance any athlete could ask for, and our Hidez compression socks are a very beneficial in alleviating any general inflammation. They are a big contribution to keeping... our horses comfortable, healthy and sound. We have also used them on horses with minor soft tissue injuries, and it seems to speed up recovery time, as well as help them maintain a higher level of comfort and relief."
Associate Trainer- Xtra Quarter Horses
Purcell, Oklahoma
NRHA Top 20 Professional
Lifetime Earnings: $302,815+​

He is a SEVERE cribber and has been for as long as I can remember. When he doesn't have the mask on, he takes forever to eat because he cribs in between every bite. When he has the mask on, he continues to eat and doesn't crib AT ALL! When he is in the pasture and doesn't have the mask on he cribs on all the posts, when he has the mask on, he is relaxed and then starts to graze rather than stand around and crib. I love these products! Only downside is I can't keep it on 24/7 because both my horses have fascinations with seeing the others face so they rip them off.
Lauren Tucker-Terrell

I used hides compression socks on my gelding this weekend for the first time, he has windpuffs and I was looking for a easy way to take the swelling down. Frida...y night I did not use them and ran a solid top of the 2D run. Saturday I put my hidez socks on in the morning and left them on until we ran later on Saturday night, we ran over half a second faster and would have been 2nd in the 1d! Same thing on Sunday, socks in the morning and took them off right before my run, literally took my hidez socks off and put my running boots on. Again we ran a top 1D time. Also I might add this is without putting ice in them! I can only imagine if we added ice about a hour before running!! Big thank you to Kate and big dream racing!!!

​-Amanda Corcoran

Hidez Compression Socks! Great way to limit post performance peripheral edema!
-Kris Gadbois​

Bought this mask on a whim when I seen it advertised to help horses with anxiety. We gave it a try this past weekend. Snoop licked and yawned the second we put it on. He hauled well, stayed calm and worked a great barrel pattern. He didn't stay on the muscle after his work out like he usually does, came right back down to a calm state. While we are still digging deeper into the root of his anxiety, it was nice to see him calm and happy for once!!

​-Chasity Olson

A big thank you to Hidez Compression Products: Megan Lefebvre USA Hidez USA for helping slack get to nationals without being one bit sore! After 96 hours in the trailer he is feeling 100% and we couldn't have made it to nationals or placed 14th in the nation without hidez!
-Aby Black

I have been meaning to post about this and just now how gotten around to it. Almost 3 weeks ago at a barrel race in Crockett my mare Velocity tied up terribly. We sat there for 45 minutes waiting for her to relax and let the ace set in. She was still not getting better. After my mind stopped running for a second I remembered about my "Hidez Suit" and that one of it's purposes was to help horses that tie up! We immediately put it on her and within 5 minutes she was able to walk and was acting Normal! I couldn’t believe it! She ended up having 20 bags of flid within the 36 hours and they do not know how she didn’t have a heart attack. Thinking back on the situation, I TRULY believe that the Hidez Suit was our saving grace. I was a believer before in these suits but now Velocity will not go in the trailer without one!!
-Kelsey Thompson

My 11yr old Calf horse Tex was tied to the trailer for the night and at about 5am. I heard Tex pulling back and thrashing around. I got to him and found that he had caught the nose band of his halter on the step ladder of the trailer he hit his head hard and had bad gashes over his eye and top of his head and on his neck just behind his ear. I was worried about swelling and being sore I had already planned on turning out of the rodeo the next day, but thanks to the awesome Hidez Suit with neck & hood the next morning I was so surprised to find no swelling or soreness. Tex was feeling just as good as ever. He was a champ in the rodeo the next morning. I didn’t even give any medicine or put any liniment on him. The Hidez suit with Neck/Hood has played such a big part in keeping my horses going since I have been on the rodeo road. So honored to be apart of such a great team!
-Leanna Billie, WPRA
-Breakaway Roping, Team Roping, Tie down Roping​​

I was definitely a skeptic at first with these suits. My pro rodeo mare is 12 years old and used to handle long hauls and running just fine. But the older she has gotten the more I noticed she needed more of a recovery time from the haul before I ran her. Shes also use to tie up on me pretty bad especially during the summer runs. So I figured why not try the suit out and see if it could help her anyways. I knew I would have the ultimate test come up this past weekend since I was up in slack at Weatherford, TX in the morning and Coleman, TX oerformance that evening. I put on the suit for the haul to Weatherford (this was her first haul with it on) and she got out of the trailer copletely refreshed and looked awesome. She made a solid run that morning the I had to go pick up a few horses before heading to Coleman. Putthe suit back on , hauled her around and then ran at Coleman that night. She has never looked so good or felt better before and after those runs. I placed at both rodeos that day. She never sweat in it and I didn’t have to use any of my back on track either. Definitely glad I bought the suit and will be using it every haul! And thank you Megan for getting it t me so quickly and on time!
-Jessica Frost

Ice Compression works my calf horses knee looking so much after having the Hidez Ice compression sock for just a hour. Theses socks are definitely a must have easy to put on easy to use and so convenient.
-Leanna Billie WPRA

Thank you Hidez USA and @hidezusa_mlefebvre for great products! We may be fighting injuries for the next few more weeks but we have the best products to do it with!

​-Gena Richards


USA Hidez Agent:
Megan Lefebvre