USA Hidez Agent:
Megan Lefebvre


To be eligible for a Hidez Sponsorship, you MUST be a current user of Hidez products or purchase and use the products prior to being eligible.

Please upload a photo of you, and your horse using your Hidez Product.

Here's what we require from our Hidez Sponsored Riders:

We ask that you let us know when and where you are competing and the results.
We ask you to contribute to the Facebook page with Photos of your horses in their Hidez and Your Testimonies.
We expect you to always conduct yourself in a professional manner as a Representative of Hidez.
Anytime people ask about our products we ask that you tell them the basics and your own testimony, then hand them a business card or flyer as provided or refer them to the Facebook page.

*This is a 12 month Sponsorship Offer – each member must reapply annually. Applications are accepted the turn of each new year. All sponsorships end at the close of each year.

Hidez sponsorships are subject to approval based on the information submitted, and additional research done by Hidez.. Hidez sponsorships can be revoked at anytime for any reason!  

You may be mentioned in posts, or tagged in photos and posts. All photos you post referencing Hidez or photo of Hidez could be used in marketing, advertising, posts, etc.

Please Contact Us with any questions!

Sponsorship Form