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The Compression Socks are the newest item to the Equine market and come in two styles: 
Standard and ICE Socks
The ICE Compression Socks offer the same features as the original with additional pockets on the outside for icing the legs.
The socks come in a pairs of 2 and are available in front and hind legs. The socks run from the pastern to above the knees/hock.
The socks are available in the Original colors as well as Printed and Customized options..

Compression Suits

Neck and Hood attachments are available for the Travel and Recovery suit as well as the Activity Suit.
Neck and Hood are sold separately and are available in the Original colors as well as Printed colors and Customized options.

Customized Compression

Customized Travel and Recovery suit include 8 logos (4 per side of the horse). Designs will be approved by customer prior to shipping. Please allow 14 business days from approval date. 
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For additional information regarding customizing, please contact us.


Activity Compression

The Activity MK11 Compression suit is available in the Original colors as well as Printed colors and Customized options. The Activity suit has a similar design to the Travel and Recovery suits but the legs are removed for mobility to the horse.
The Activity suit is suitable for most activities  such as: barrel racing, jumping, hack, equitation, and various other disciplines with the exception of prolonged fast work in race horses and cart horses.

Original Compression

The Original Travel and Recovery MK11 Compression suit comes in 3 standard colors: Black, Blue, and Red.

Suits will ship within 5-6 business days of order date.

Printed Compression

The Printed Travel and Recovery MK11 Compression suit comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Please note that not all colors and prints may be shown. Please allow 14 business days from order date.
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