She is a new horse!

So the history of this mare is she is turning 5. A year and a half ago we were in a horrific accident where a speaker malfunctioned and she bucked so hard she landed on her knees and I was knocked out before I hit the ground. She was at her first rodeo hauling experience just to walk around and see the sights. I was not able to get her back in an arena for 6 months and had a Bronc rider get on her first. She lost it again in the same spot of that arena. She ulcer coliced shortly after. Fast forward...and we started on a local barrel racing circuit last March. She was doing ok but just nervous and anxious to the extreme. I sent her to a trainer that rides comparable to my style to see what the heck I am doing wrong. She failed training and couldn't keep her brain straight to operate her feet to the point we thought she had epm. Diagnosed again with ulcers everywhere possible to have ulcers. I have been aggressively treating them since November. Just started back riding about a week ago after starting her on a calming supplement that helped about 80%. Today I would say she was 95% because she had 2 minor fits but no where near the meltdowns she usually throws. Sorry so lengthy but there is a story to me wanting to try anything to bring out this little mare's talent. I know she has it...she has just had crappy luck.

Today she cruised around the barrels effortlessly calm and collected. Night and day from the anxious horse that pulled and wiggled every step of the way last time she was on the pattern a few months ago.

There are no words to describe how exciting it is to have a horse that doesn't fight me or freak out every step of the way. I just knew she has talent so I kept perseverance until finding what works...something so simple as the mask brings her down from anxious and can't stand still to melting in my arms being so relaxed.

-Alex Pugh​

Hidez Compression hoods can be worn with alone, or with our other Hidez products. It can be worn in the stall, trailer, during turn out, and during competition and riding. The hood compress the face, poll and jaw. By messaging acupressure points, increasing circulation to the head and releasing endorphins, the hood help with the following (NOT LIMITED TO):

  • ​Aids in poll flexion
  • ​Helps TMJ issues
  • ​Decreases anxiety, and nervousness
  • Increases focus
  • ​Reduces cribbing, and weaving
  • ​Sinus issues (reducing discharge)


The Hidez Compression neck attaches to the hood piece via Velcro and to the suit via 2 attachment zippers. The neck compresses the neck and increases circulation which aids in reducing muscle soreness, allowing muscle to be relaxed and supple. The horse will experience better flexion, less muscle tension, and fast recovery from using the Hidez neck.​


Elysia Van Houten Wilkinson - November 26
Anxiety, Gate Issues, Alleyway Issues

Elysia had contacted us about a mask for her gelding with this concern: "My gelding is really hot going in the arena but great on barrels. I tried the pozzi past this weekend and it worked but slowed him down. Do you think the mask would help and not slow him down? I loose so much of his wind getting him to start, so would love to help him relax. He's not the fastest horse so he needs all his energy he can get. Without the paste he started to be a 3D horse."

Ok I ran my gelding twice today and he was perfect. He was 2nd in the 2D both goes and he never ran backwards going into the alley. I'm so happy with the hood. He started drooling after about 2 min of having it on.



Kayla Morrison
Barrel Racing

Got my Hidez mask in and I can't believe the difference it has made. I was very skeptical about it but thought I would give it a try. This mare is super nervous all of the time, claustrophobic and buddy sour. I have to keep Vegas close to her or she'll pull back, won't stand still, and paw a hole in the ground. I put the mask on and thought, "Well, the moment of truth will be taking her away from Vegas." She walked to the trailer calmly leaving her friend in the pasture. I tied her up and walked away! No weaving, pawing, hollering for her buddy. She stood still, licked her lips, rested her back leg and her bottom lip was droopy. I'm in shock, to say the very least. She also stood in her stall by herself without any feed. I'm a believer now!

USA Hidez Agent:
Megan Lefebvre