Hidez Compression Socks

Hidez: Animal Compression Suits are created and manufactured by Hidez Pty Ltd located in Australia.

Hidez are engineered to create graduated compression to the horses via carefully constructed suits and socks for the horses to wear. Graduated compression means the application of greatest pressure is at the furthest point of the garment from the heart and the amount of pressure exerted deceases as it nears the heart. For horses, the most pressure is the lowest part of the leg and decreases as it moves along the limbs to the body. This type of compression forces vital blood supplies out of the lower limbs (where fluids tend to pool) and back into circulation to the heart and major organs.

This process increases blood circulation & oxygen available to the horse’s muscles. This increases the removal of waste products in the blood and generates healthy blood flow to help in the recovery of injuries, prevent injuries by maintaining muscles temperature, & reduces muscle fatigue and soreness.

The special fabric manufactured by Hidez is a breathable moisture management fabric that contains high stretch elastomeric yarn. The products are manufactured using a warp knit construction and are more durable and superior to circular knitted fabrics. This special fabric is cut into panels and strategically constructed to focus on certain muscle groups. Hidez use a muscle focused strategy when applying pressure to the horse’s body, the way Hidez wraps the horses body control graduated compression & reduces muscle vibration, which is particularly important when hauling. The unique seams also play a role, acting as anchor points, our seams help us with muscle focus creating the right amounts of controlled graduated compression to the animal.

Muscle’s work extremely hard during traveling, they vibrate can overstretch. When hauling, vibrations cause micro fiber tears in the muscles causing membranes to leak the enzyme, creatine kinase (CK), into the blood that cause muscle cramps and travel sickness.

A New Generation in Equine Care and Recovery
Hidez Compression Suits & Socks



The compression suits feature five zippers for easy on and off. The suits have neck and hood attachments and can be worn for long periods of time. The compression suit offers stability to the horse by compressing the large muscles as well as the legs. The suits help promote a sleek coat and hair does not stick to the material.

The suits promote blood flow and prevent soreness, and swelling during hauling, and before and after exercise, as well as after surgeries and injuries when the horse is confined to a trailer, stall, or being tied.



Hidez Compression Suits


USA Hidez Agent:
Megan Lefebvre

The compression socks feature heavy duty zippers and durable, wide Velcro that hold the socks in place. The socks start above the knee and hocks, and just above the hoof. The socks offer compression as well as protection to the horses when healing from cuts, scraps, and scratches. The socks can also be used to cover liniments and ointments while compression the legs to reduce swelling and tying up.

ICE compression socks are the newest item to the Hidez product line. The ICE socks offer the benefits of compression with the added benefits of cold therapy. The ICE socks have ice pockets that allow you to do cold therapy to the legs and joints without spending thousands of dollars on machines. Fill the pockets with ice and zip on the horse's legs to offer cold therapy anywhere, even while hauling.

Elements of Hidez socks not offered by other ice socks or boots:

  • Doesn't require special machines or cords.
  • Doesn't require freezing of ice packs or gel packs.
  • Compression and Ice in an easy on and off sock.
  • Ice and Compression elements reach above the hock/knee and below the pastern unlike other socks that only covers the cannon bones.
  • Can be used during stalling, and trailering.
  • Once the ice melts, the socks will continue to compress the leg and aid in blood flow as well as prevent the pooling of blood.